Bilou Bibi loves you Happy Spring Shower Foam Review

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Ihr wollt den Blogpost auf Deutsch lesen? HIER!

I'm back from Paris with a lot of new and exotic korean beauty and skin care products... and french beauty secrets, of course! The spring begins and what waited for me here in Germany? A spring, a happy spring shower foam.

To explain first:
A lot of German people don't like the German beauty care product brand Bilou - WHY? It's not 'cause of the products, it's 'cause of BibisBeautyPalace - she is the most successful female German youtuber and a lot of fans love her, but she's got a lot of haters too.
I really don't like this "I don't buy the product 'cause I don't like Bibi"-opinion 'cause I really like this product, no matter which name stands on the label - a name is just a name, the content of the product matters.

There are 3 sorts released this spring: Slushy Apple, Cotton Candy and this one, Happy Spring.  All three costs 3,95 € and contains 200 ml.
There are also three new foam body creams for the same price which contains 150 ml.

The official release date is  23rd March.

Creamy Mandarin, Lovely Peach and Chocolate Cupcake leave the product line.

bilou Happy Spring smells like flowers and fruity ...?

The scent is hard to describe - it's completly different from the last years limited edition Cherry Blossom, it's just a little of flowers like peony , but also very fruity like peaches and raspberry, a touch of orange or grapefruit. It's a great mix, reminds me of Oh, Lola von Marc Jacobs ... I would really like this scent as a perfume or body spray.

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